How a Car Salesman Studied Steve Jobs to Increase his Sales by Three Simple Techniques?

Ziyaad Parker
3 min readNov 9, 2020


Steve Jobs was not only one of the best innovators of our time but also an exceptional presenter. He presented like no other entrepreneur has or well at least in his time. Since then many entrepreneurs have been using him as inspiration to boost their marketing strategies. Steve Jobs is at top of the chain
when it comes marketing, he is not only good but brilliant.

When Steve Jobs presented the iPhone, he only had 5 slides. He kept it sweet, short and simple.

Slide 1: “Wide-screen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone, and a breakthrough internet communication device.”
Slide 2: “An iPod, a phone and an internet communicator.”
Slide 3: “This is one device, and we are calling it the iPhone.”
Slide 4: “Today Apple is going to reinvent the phone!”
Slide 5: “Here it is!”

The car salesman used the following techniques from Steve Jobs to sell his products.

Planned all his marketing with pen and paper

Steve Jobs is well known for putting ideas on storyboards, thinking, planning, sketching and scripting. All of this needs to be put on paper before any marketing execution can be done.
I am big fan of Pareto’s law — the 80/20 rule. This law or rule applies to any product delivery. Spend 80% of the time planning and 20% of the time doing it.

The more car salesman planned the better he executed. He prepared well in advance, weeks, if not months. Preparation and planning is key to success.

Created a single sentence description for every product

For all his products, he created a one line description where it was always 140 characters or less. Always think of tweets but maybe without the hashtag to create a one line description. This theme is always consistent throughout the marketing pitch. The message consistently develops a sense of purpose.

For releasing the Macbook: “World’s thinnest notebook”
For releasing the iPod: “One thousand songs in your pocket”
For releasing the iPhone: “Apple re-invents the phone”

When the car salesman sells his products, he keeps repeating his key message. This helps to build curiosity for the target market audience or customer base.

Story telling at its best

Steve Jobs spoke in plain English or the language of his customers. He channelled their inner zen by removing clutter and unnecessary jargon. Do not sell the product features instead deliver the experience. Howard Schultz from Starbucks never sold coffee instead he sold the experience, Starbucks marketing was selling a third place between home and work.

When it comes to storytelling there is a hero, villain and princess. A hero is the product, the villain is the problem your product is solving or something we are trying to eliminate. All stories are here arrives to save princess from villain and live happily ever after.

The car salesman sets the stage clear and simple. A customer goes to him and asks for car, one that is light and fast.

What do you think he says?

He says this car X takes you from A to B with no hassle.




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